Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pharaoh Bread

aka Lynn's Seed Bread; web post

This recipe evolved over time. It is my go-to, just good bread. We were in Canada, years ago, in Banff, and several shops were serving a white bread with flax seeds in it. That struck me as odd, putting "healthy" ingredients into an "unhealthy" plain white bread, and got me thinking. I was also experimenting with all the varieties of whole grains that I could find, since I had a grain mill. I found the only whole grain flour that I really like is Kamut. This bread is based on a good white bread recipe, with Kamut substituted for some of the flour.  Then, all the "seed" type things that I also like are thrown in for texture and taste. It has as much Kamut as I could put in, while keeping the light texture that my family and I prefer. We aren't really fans of dense, whole-wheat breads.

The fun trivia about Kamut is, the founder claims that he was given a handful of this grain by a person who got it from an Egyptian tomb!