Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies Dex+

Today, I hit a home run! This is perhaps my eighth try at a Dex+ chocolate chip cookie. We have high standards for this, our favorite cookie. To be right, the cookie needs to have the signature buttery, caramel flavor. The texture is not cakey; rather it is crisp at the edges while lightly chewy in the center.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chocolate Ice Cream Dex+

Honestly, we don't always eat sweets. A pan of oiled and salted veggies roasted until tender are really good, as are many other naturally low fructose and higher fiber foods that don't require any adjustments to be Dex+.
When you want chocolate ice cream (left), this pan of delicious vegetables (right) just doesn't satisfy.
However, when on the way home from a football game with a hot, tired, triumphant marching band member, a potato just doesn't do the trick. The request is "Please, please, can't we have ice cream? There's a shop right there on the way home..." Last year I was ready; with an ice cream cylinder in the freezer, and Greek yogurt in the fridge, frozen yogurt was just a few minutes away at home. 

Then here it comes, "Mom, I want chocolate this time, and tangy yogurt doesn't go with chocolate....."

Crystallized Ginger Ale Dex+

I needed dex+ ginger ale this morning! I've attempted it before with fresh ginger, but wasn't satisfied with the result. This morning, when my youngest daughter woke up sick with a stomach "bug", I knew the time had come to give it another try! We didn't have fresh ginger, but I found a bag of crystallized ginger. About an hour later, I was able to give her a very nice glass of ginger ale. She only drank one sip, and that only because I told her to. Not exactly a rave review. About 15 minutes later, though, she was feeling much better, and was asking for some crackers. Success! And now I have a ginger ale recipe to share; bonus!