Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ingredients and Equipment lists

I've just started two Amazon lists. These are things I have and use. I've commented on some of them. I didn't buy all of these things from Amazon, it's just a convenient way of making these lists to share and refer to. Some things can be picked up locally for a better price, so it may be worth having a look around first.

Kitchen Equipment

Other things I like:

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Rudolph's Elixir, Tipsy or not

This is my take on a festive drink called Rudolph's Spritzer, originally made with fruit juices and sodas. I've captured the flavors of the original, while leaving behind a lot of the fructose. For the "tipsy" version, add vodka. Admittedly, I have not tried it that way myself. Cheers!

Candy Cherry Syrup Dex#

What's this? What's it for? Add it to a cola or lemon-lime soda to make a cherry version, yummm; plus it adds fiber. It also turns plain yogurt into something like a go-gurt, but with a lot less sugar.

 It has a super-strong and sour cherry flavor, and reminds me of cherry candy. After a lot of Google searches, I discovered that almond is the secret flavor. I also tried this with real cherry flavor and artificial cherry flavor. In the end, I decided to use both! It satisfies my notion of cherry candy from my childhood, while rounding it out with the real flavor.

Dragon's Blood (Fruit Punch Soda) Dex#

This is currently our favorite flavor of home-made soda. It's written with "candy cherry flavor" as a separate recipe, because I also make a cherry syrup to put in colas, and this is such a nice flavor. It is shelf-stable, and can be made in larger batches. I've also broken out the exact amount needed for one and for four 2-liter bottles of Fruit Punch Soda. The syrup is in a previous post, Home-Made Soda: The Syrup, Dex#.