Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lovell Reunion Pecan Pie Dex+

This is THE pie for our Thanksgiving table. My husband gave me the recipe, which was written down by his mom during a family reunion, where they had discussed their pie baking strategies. I made a more detailed instruction list, added the salt quantity (it had been left off), and added the best pie crust I have ever had. We used to use a store-bought crust, but I never will again.

Happily, it was very easy to Dex+. The pecans already have a good deal of fiber in them, and the pie already used corn syrup. Substituting dextrose for sugar tends to make softer versions of a recipe; chia seeds tend to thicken. In this case, the two offset perfectly, and this pie is just as magnificent as the original recipe! Honestly, this is our new traditional pie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Better Than Twix Dex+

These are quite a bit of work to make, and are worth every minute to make a special treat. Happily, even our party guests who knew nothing about Dex+ really loved them!

After dipping them in chocolate, I put them into the freezer for a few minutes to set the chocolate. The caramel oozed out some, and my dipping job was far from perfect. Funny though, no one said a word about how they looked. They were too busy eating! :)

Ganache Dex+: It's fondue, it's icing, it's fudge sauce; it's tasty!

This is some seriously good and easy-to-make stuff, if the ingredients are in the pantry. We served this at our Halloween fest, with shortbread cookies, strawberries, and other tasty things to dip in it. Two quarts of strawberries disappeared pretty quickly! 

It takes a long time to set, giving plenty of time to use it as cake icing, like Julia Child did with her "Mocha Brownie Cake". Mmmm, must make a Dex+ version of that soon. Ganache is also the best fudge sauce ever. You know what else could be done with it? Truffles! I may try that for my Thanksgiving guests. Let it set completely, then scoop it with a melon baller, and roll in cocoa powder, maybe with cinnamon, or maybe dip in chocolate. Good thing I'm too full to eat anything right now....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Shortbread Cookies Dex+

This is a nice, plain, crumbly, not-too-sweet Dex+ shortbread cookie. I used these on Halloween to dip in caramel and chocolate fondue. They also work well for making a home-made version of Twix. To get the crispest, "short-est" cookie, the dextrose (technically dextrose monohydrate) is baked first to drive off the water, changing it to anhydrous dextrose. 

Because most of the flavor comes from the browning of butter, consider using a high-quality imported butter.