Monday, March 24, 2008

The Intent of this Blog

This is about baking good stuff (mainly bread and cookies), and also about where some of the ingredients come from and how they work. Hopefully it will help a beginner to overcome bread baking failures, provide some interesting info and recipes to even a veteran baker, and explore things like how to use that same famous chocolate chip cookie recipe to make cookies that stand out.

This is also a place to share experience about equipment, ingredients, and technique, as well as "experiments". They say that double-acting baking powder will rise when mixed into a batter, and again later in a hot oven. On a whim, I added some to a cup of water. After it stopped foaming, I put it in the microwave. Sure enough, when it got hot, a bunch of bubbles foamed out of it again. Yep, that's double-acting all right.

I haven't entered any contests. However, a hot loaf of bread from the oven does not survive long at my house. At a party, someone once told me that my cookies were well worth the burn on my arm; "Thanks for taking one for the team". My oldest daughter thinks I should have a cooking show. :) I'm tempted to make marshmallows, just to see how that works...

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