Sunday, September 4, 2011

Alas, apple pie...

After my good fortune with the pancakes, and having an excellent pie dough recipe, I tried my luck with Google and apple pie. I found this one from It boasts 101,000 saves, five stars, 3,800 reviews, 62 photos, and 68 custom versions. I made one yesterday. As many people commented about, I added cinnamon and vanilla, and I mixed part of the goo into the apples, then poured the rest on top as instructed. I baked per the original recipe. Smelled of heaven, looked nice. And...... meh.

What happened?? Well, all the thickening is on the top of the pie. When the apples juiced up, they soaked my beautiful bottom crust and made it mushy. It also needed some salt and a lot more spice. One teaspoon of cinnamon and one of vanilla just didn't do the trick for us. It was, well, ok. Not great. I was looking for outstanding. Guess the numbers don't always mean anything special. Next time I may look to Julia Childs.

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