Friday, March 2, 2012

Cheesy Rolls

 I had almost abandoned my search for a bread to go with chili, when a co-worker brought in a loaf of her favorite cheese bread from the deli to share. Ureka! That had not occurred to me! A little searching, and I found one blog article describing an amazing cheese bread recipe, which turns out they got from King Arthur Flour's blog! Obviously, their cheese bread was the one to try.
Success! KAF's cheese bread is great; but I must confess I altered it...
I was in a hurry, so skipped the overnight starter step in favor of adding all the ingredients at once, like a regular bread.  I did not have the pizza dough seasoning, but I did have three of the main ingredients, so I added them: malt, cheese powder, and buttermilk powder. I also used all cheddar cheese. So, not exactly their recipe, but great anyway.

The problem is, a bread that is great fun for the family to rip into pieces and share is difficult to share at the office, which is where the chili party was going to be. So, I made it again, this time cutting the dough in half, patting each half out to about maybe 9" x 15", and spreading on half the cheese, rolling up, and cutting into eight rolls, for a total of sixteen. As individual rolls, it looks like more bread than when it is four small loaves. The rolls have all the same lovely flavors and textures of the larger ones, and they are easy to share, and great with chili.

 Here is my roll version of this bread.

Bread shaped as 16 rolls instead of 4 loaves.
Cheese rolls also make great ham sandwiches.

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