Monday, June 9, 2014

Controlling Fructose: Yep, I got it! Dex+

Took me a while to notice there was a second "Bitter Truth" video: 
Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

I watched it to see if I'd missed anything, or gotten anything wrong. There is new info, and it tracks with what I've been experiencing (happy!). TL;DR: Here's my take on it:

  • Metabolic Syndrome is the name of the problem here, and it is caused by fructose and/or alcohol; obesity and low energy are symptoms.
  • This is worth stating again: people become fat and lazy BECAUSE OF what fructose does to them, not because they decide to be that way.
  • Fat inside the abdomen is the dangerous stuff, not what's on the surface. Metabolic syndrome causes these fat deposits.
  • More than half the people with metabolic syndrome are not obese; they are unhealthy though. Not all obese people have metabolic syndrome.
  • Fructose leads to insulin resistance, which leads to increased insulin output, which leads to the body thinking it is starving, which leads to over-eating and feeling weak and tired, which promotes energy conservation.
  • Reverse: When fructose is removed from the diet, the body adjusts back to normal insulin levels, leading the body to an "awareness" of fat reserves rather than starvation, which leads to lowered appetite, and feeling energetic, which leads to burning off excess energy and loosing weight.
This is what I've been experiencing. I get full and satisfied on much less food. I have more energy, and need less sleep. I'm more active. Last year, I could barely keep up with my afternoon-walk buddies at work; today they (accidentally) left without me (oops), and I was able to catch up with them, without even being short of breath or feeling near death. ;) Now that's a truly significant change! Some days I do wish I could eat more without feeling so horribly full, but that's something I can live with!

I mentioned in my European hot chocolate post that my daughter found regular hot chocolate and Dr Pepper to be sickly sweet. Today my son mentioned having a regular Coke when at a friend's birthday party, and he thought it tasted like a glass of syrup; as in: totally disgusting. Check out the "Sugar and Fiber" tab above for a few more thoughts along these lines. This summer is starting out awesome! :) 

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