Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crystallized Ginger Ale Dex+

I needed dex+ ginger ale this morning! I've attempted it before with fresh ginger, but wasn't satisfied with the result. This morning, when my youngest daughter woke up sick with a stomach "bug", I knew the time had come to give it another try! We didn't have fresh ginger, but I found a bag of crystallized ginger. About an hour later, I was able to give her a very nice glass of ginger ale. She only drank one sip, and that only because I told her to. Not exactly a rave review. About 15 minutes later, though, she was feeling much better, and was asking for some crackers. Success! And now I have a ginger ale recipe to share; bonus!

Equipment note: I used a Soda Stream to make the carbonated water, although they do sell it in the grocery with the bottled water and often near the cocktail mixes. My 250 ml glass beaker was perfect for cooking and blending the ginger syrup. Yes, I have a set of beakers in the kitchen now, and they're awesome! They work really well with a stick blender, can go from hot to cold safely, work in the microwave, and have ml measures on the side. A quart is about a liter (1000 ml). They are helping me become more "metric". One milliliter (ml)of water weighs one gram (g). Metric can be handy. They also add a nice science flair to the decor.

30 g of  ginger syrup in a tiny glass beaker
This is a pleasantly sweet, mild ginger ale for a palate adjusted to Dex+. The taste can be modified by using more or less of each kind of syrup. If you like it hotter, crystallizing a fresh ginger root produces a very spicy-hot syrup plus chunks of crystallized ginger, and is more economical (also less convenient) than buying it already crystallized. Mint or lemon might add a nice note too.

Ginger Ale Dex+



Mix the syrups and an oz or two of the water until syrup dissolves. Add remaining water and ice. Adjust to taste.

Crystallized Ginger Syrup Dex+


  • 25 g crystallized ginger, finely minced
  • 50 g water
  • 60 g dextrose
  • 2 ½ tsp Benefiber
  • 82 g Corn Syrup (zero high fructose corn syrup)


  1. Microwave ginger and water until the water boils. Allow ginger to steep in hot water a few minutes, then bring to a boil again. Repeat until the ginger is very soft.
  2. Add corn syrup to ginger mixture. Blend until smooth (a stick blender works well).
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the dry dextrose and Benefiber.
  4. Stir the dextrose/Benefiber into the ginger mixture.
  5. Microwave, watching constantly, until the syrup begins to bubble up the sides of the bowl. Stop the microwave immediately. Carefully stir the hot syrup.
  6. Repeat above step once.

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