Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Better Than Twix Dex+

These are quite a bit of work to make, and are worth every minute to make a special treat. Happily, even our party guests who knew nothing about Dex+ really loved them!

After dipping them in chocolate, I put them into the freezer for a few minutes to set the chocolate. The caramel oozed out some, and my dipping job was far from perfect. Funny though, no one said a word about how they looked. They were too busy eating! :)

Better Than Twix


1 pan of Shortbread Cookies Dex+, cooled but still in the pan
2x (double batch) Soft Buttery Vanilla Caramel Dex+, still hot
1 pot of Chocolate Coating Dex+, held at 89-90°F


  1. Pour all of the caramel into the cookie pan, on top of the cookie. Spread evenly over the cookie, then refrigerate to stiffen the caramel. The caramel-covered cookie can remain refrigerated for a couple of days at this point, if desired.
  2. Place the caramel-coated cookie onto a cutting board. With a long, thin knife, cut into thirds, making three 13" long pieces. Cut again to make many long, thin rectangles. Return to the fridge to stiffen the caramel again, if necessary.
  3.  Dip each candy bar into the chocolate coating. Drag the bar carefully across the pot edge to thin the coating, otherwise the coat will be too thick.
  4. Place coated candy bars onto a parchment lined pan as they are dipped. Refrigerate to set the chocolate.
  5. Store in a cookie tin in a cool room, or refrigerate. 


  1. Hi Lynn, I know your mama Jean - in my sorority. Have a question - I know this site is about sugar but do you have any good gluten-free recipes that are actually good?

    1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog! If I was looking for gluten-free recipes, I would go here: Strangely enough, a flour company has a lot of help to offer.