Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apple Crisp, mmmmm

We made nachos today, which were ok. We also made Apple Crisp, from Food TV's show "Down Home with the Neelys". Wow, that was so good! It was very easy, too. I don't think I'll be making an apple pie for a long time; who needs to fuss with a crust?

I did the crisp in a square casserole, since I don't have enough ramekins. It turned out great. Also, serving it into a bowl gave me room to put some "pralines and cream" ice cream on top. I recommend that highly. :) :)

With so many apples at the store right now, I couldn't resist swapping in one Golden Delicious and one McIntosh in place of two of the Granny Smiths (my second substitution was less successful, read below). We have a spiral apple peeler/slicer/corer, which made nice sized apple for the recipe. Just slice the rings into quarters. The kids call the apple peel "fruit by the foot", and eat it in long ribbons.

I made this a second time, with I think one Granny Smith, one Golden Delicious, and three Fugi. It turned out much more watery, and not as full flavored. I think the Fugi is a good eating apple, but will not use it again for baking.

Next time I'm back to Granny/Golden/Macintosh. I might swap in a Jon-a-gold or a Rome. I found some good apple info here.

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