Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lessons Learned: Dex+

Look at my beautiful weight chart!

My weight chart, starting from the beginning of Dex+; each line is a pound.
Last August, I discovered "The bitter truth" about fructose. That day, I started my mission to control fructose.  I also started telling my kids all about what I had learned. They clearly found my enthusiasm humorous, but they also appreciate my quirks and determination. And they like my cooking; if reducing fructose means more tasty food experiments, where's the down side?

I started using my scales again. The initial readings were unimpressive; the end of September shows no real improvement over the beginning. But since my goal was general health, I continued anyway. I'm not going to be posting awful "before and after" photos, so this graph of my scales readings, above, will have to do.

Even better than weight, in April, my Dr. cancelled my blood pressure prescription! I don't need it any more! My cholesterol is down too. I feel really good, more energy.

I noticed something else along the way. It seemed like my weight loss rate was better when I was eating more Dex+ goodies, and that it flattened out when I was simply not eating any sweets. What could that mean?? Hmm, the other part of the equation is the fiber. When not eating Dex+ hacked sweets, I'm also not getting much fiber. To test this out, rather un-scientifically, I started drinking a glass of water with Benefiber or similar on days that I otherwise did not have much fiber in my food. That seems to have done the trick!

This is so awesome, I want to spread the message. Sadly, the message I hear bouncing around out there is "stop eating sugar". That just doesn't work for me, and it is not necessary! The real message is this:

Eat Less Fructose! Eat plenty of Soluble Fiber!

Food is too much a part of who I am to simply chop out an important element like sugar. I enjoy preparing tasty foods, sharing them, and eating them. Cooking is a wonderful hobby, and it is an important cultural element. Dex+ hacking is the way to go!

I hope that one day other people will create and share their own Dex+ recipes, food labels will proudly list grams of fructose and of soluble fiber, and stores will offer lovely Dex+ confections. Now, I'm really happy that I've discovered this new path, and I don't see ever turning back.

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