Monday, August 11, 2014

Thermogenex: it's bonafide!

I love this photo! I feel this way for a moment every shower, when the first cold cycle hits. Ray, your Thermogenex / Hypothermics is indeed the perfect complement for my Dex+ food hack!

I've said it before; I love steamy showers. I don't like being cold. But I lost over twice as much weight last month because I tried Ray's crazy cyclic showers. Seriously. 

Each day I face the shower, I consider this: I tried the gym once. For two years; two hours a day of boring drudgery, followed by the drive home while tired, hungry, and sweaty. Guess what came next? A shower! Am I really going to complain about the cold water, and adding a whopping seven minutes to my usual routine? I come out clean and refreshed. All I've got to do is make it through that first shock of cold water! Um, well, I do cheat just a little, and don't hit the cold full-blast right at first. Guess what? It still works! Thanks again Ray, for all your research. I've got a few more weeks before sending in my data. 

Really, give it a try. It's sure working for me. Thermogenex / Hypothermics

Update: I went to a high school football game, and the weather is getting chilly in the evening. I wore short sleeves, a hat, and gloves. I was chilly at first, but got over it. It seemed a little strange. The next morning, I was down more than a pound! I'm not saying it's all from being cold, but it does seem like it helped.

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