Sunday, October 5, 2014

Candy Burn Prevention and Preparedness

I've been working on some candy recipes. Hot candy can cause a really nasty burn; I know, because I accidentally splashed some on my arm while taking notes. Here are some tips I follow for prevention, and preparedness if a burn occurs:

  1. Candy sticks to you, holds a lot of heat, and will continue to burn until it cools, so act quickly and cool it with water.
  2. Keep pets and children away from hot candy. Have a helper nearby in case you need something, to prevent distractions.
  3. Plan the work area for the candy. Try to have the final pan and work equipment as close to the stove as practical, to avoid carrying hot candy around the kitchen.
  4. Wear closed, heavy shoes and jeans to protect feet and legs.
  5. Keep a large bowl of water near the stove, ready to plunge your forearm and hand into. It will probably overflow if used, so plan accordingly. I almost drowned my phone when using the bowl, and now I place the bowl in a sink.
  6. If candy spills on clothing, plunge into the water anyway if practical, or remove the clothing quickly if it is your jeans or shoes. 
  7. Keep in the cool water, changing over to flowing cool water if possible for 10-15 min. Go ahead and read some medical advice now, to be ready, such as this.
  8. My burn was about five large drops of candy all along my left arm. Each formed a blister. I decided to handle the burn myself, although if it had been a larger area, I'd have gone to a doctor.  These 2nd Skin Blister Pads did a really great job protecting the blisters, and made it not hurt much. I'm going to keep some around just in case. Surely it won't happen again, though , right?

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